by Riparian

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Infinite thanks to Lilia Gaufburg, Chris Feinman, Tom Pagan, Elizabeth Pagan and all other friends and family that made this possible!


released November 3, 2014

Music, words & recording by Nick Pagan
Additional vocals by Lilia Gaufburg
Picture for album art taken by Elizabeth Pagan



all rights reserved


Riparian Worcester, Massachusetts

Nick pagan is a singer-songwriter from Worcester Ma.

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Track Name: Spring Tide
Walking out on us
Was the strangest way to love me But the spring buds will come
And the bees will make their honey
Morning Falls Hard
Stomach turns when I wake up
How are you today?
Words blur on the page
But the spring tides are the most extreme And I know they’ll carry me out again
Morning Falls Hard
Stomach turns when I wake up Our field is still filling with flowers The moon still revolves around us
Track Name: You
Whitecaps are starting to form on the surface of the lake The wind is getting high and the seagulls aren’t safe Move through the house now the rain is in my hair Stand on the dock to watch your branches fall again
I say it’s you
I’ve been looking for out there You
And I cannot look away
Stained glass leaves fall from their perches in the air
While cold and argumentative men look on estranged and unaware Of why their minds are so damaged and afraid
Of why their minds are so messed up and afraid
I say it’s you
they’ve been looking for out there You
And we cannot look away
Track Name: Stepping Stones
How does the spider attach the first strand, between two trees that stand ten feet apart?
Maybe it isn’t always better to sit in the shade. And maybe I can just go over and say hello.
Hemlock breeze embraced our backs That day in the springtime
Sink back through the forest floor Emotionless and noble
Track Name: Murky
Swimming through the murky mid afternoon Blinded by the sediment, I bump into you Ashamed of how I’m looking, I fade out of view You used to hold my body, I used to know you
Broken tooth, scattered speech, draw me out cause I am week and
I just don’t know how to hold this
My voice is shaking and breaking the moment Tracing my brain for what I remember
Of what I was like when I was your baby to hold Your baby boy
Driving down the highway, Road left behind Preserve it in my memory: when we were doing fine when we were doing fine
when we were doing fine
when we were doing fine
Track Name: Camry
Daddy’s camry, take me home
Smell of mildew and cigarette smoke Mother’s hand on my cheek
When I’m feeling small and weak
I’ve got a picture of moonlight on the lake on my brain Oh let it go or go insane
Nap on her childhood bed Safest place I’d ever had If I have no place to go Walk in Kiwannee Snow
let me go I’m moving on to other things The love we made, the love it brings
let me go I’m moving on to other things The love we made, the love it brings
I’m moving on
But I’ll stay here tonight with you
Track Name: Sunlight On the Rain
I’ll follow you wherever you go
I’ll want to watch your babies grow Even though
They won’t be mine
I felt your hand on my back Yesterday, riding my bike It went away
When I looked up
The hawk circles around my shoulder I still have a lot to learn
On the way back to my home The sunlight hit on the rain You’ve gone away
And I’m still here